Ricky Martin is still struggling to come to terms with his recent trip to Thailand, after seeing the bodies of those who perished in the 26 December (04) tsunami lined up in a makeshift morgue in a mosque.

The Latin pop heart-throb was left disturbed by many things he saw in Thailand, where he was filming a documentary for Oprah Winfrey's daytime TV show.

Martin which met many orphans during his visit - but he can't get past the images he saw of the unclaimed dead bodies.

He says, "I never thought I was going to see something like that. It was really intense.

"I've been trying to spend time alone in silence, trying to absorb the kind of pain that I've never felt in my life. My exercise is to try to look at the opposite of it and look at the beautiful things that this trip to Thailand gave me.

"I met people with such optimism; people that know what death is. People that left that behind and are ready to build. They're happy right now every time they inhale."

Martin, a long time advocate for children's charities, is now determined to make a personal impact on the aftermath of the tragedy by helping to build shelters for the kids left homeless after the tsunami.

He adds, "My mission right now is to build a housing project. My mission is to build 600 homes for 600 children."

25/01/2005 09:37