TINA FEY, the Bafta-award-winning writer and star of hit TV series 30 ROCK has signed up to appear in Ricky Gervais' THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH.

The film, which marks Gervais' feature directing debut, will also star JOHN HODGEMAN, CRISTOPHER GUEST and JEFFREY TAMBOR.

ROB LOWE, LOUIS CK, JONAH and Jennifer Garner had already being confirmed as cast members.

Gervais co-wrote the script alongside MATT ROBINSON.

Produced by Warner Bros, THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH takes place in contemporary world where nobody has ever told a lie before.

Gervais will star as a history professor who tells the first ever untruth and uses it for his financial benefit and to land a women way out of his league - JENNIFER GARNER's character.

The film is currently shooting in Los Angeles and will be released later this year.

Movie fans can keep track of all the latest developments on the film as it comes hand in hand with its very own blog, produced by Gervais.

20/03/2008 16:20:44