Not even A-list celebrities get to have their wedding at St Paul's cathedral in London, but that didn't stop actress Lucy Davis tying the knot there today.

Davis, best known for playing receptionist Dawn Tinsley in Ricky Gervais' hit sitcom The Office, was allowed to get married in the cathedral, normally reserved for royal weddings, because her father is an OBE holder.

That father happens to be none other than comedian Jasper Carrott, who escorted his daughter into the cathedral this afternoon in a black cab.

"I'm very proud, there's a lot of time and effort gone into today. I've got a big speech later, and we're all going to have a great time," Carrott said.

Around 300 guests were reported by the BBC to have attended the marriage union, in which Davis hitched up with Welsh actor Owain Yeoman.

Davis, who played a lead role in the zombie box office smash Shaun of the Dead, is currently featuring on American TV in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the latest creation from The West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin.

09/12/2006 18:35:34