As if we were in any doubt, Ricky Gervais has reassured his fans - and terrified those who'll be in attendance - that he will not tone down his hosting of the Golden Globes for the third year in a row. Last year's ceremony went down a storm though not for the right reasons in the eyes of some as the comedian took pot shots at the likes of Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. It led to criticism from some, forcing the host to defend himself.
Commenting again on last year's event, Gervais told NBC "I don't know what I did wrong really, what did I say that was untrue?", he furthered "The controversy is irrelevant to me. That is people's opinions outside my jokes." Speaking of the forthcoming weekend, the star insisted he was in complete control of what he'd be saying on stage, stating "I do it my way. I get final edit on everything, and they don't know what I'm going to say. And they won't know what I'm going to say 'til I say it."
It takes something to upstage the biggest stars in Hollywood, but Gervais has been doing just that in the last couple of years, something he says he attributes down to a performance persona that's "a lot brasher, more arrogant, more confident than me." You've been warned Hollywood.