Ricky Gervais thinks 'This Is Spinal Tap' is the funniest movie ever made.

The 'Muppets Most Wanted' star is a huge fan of the 1984 mockumentary about the misadventures of a clueless British rock band in the 70s and says it has been a huge influence on him.

He said: ''This Is Spinal Tap is the funniest movie ever created and the biggest influence on my comedy. I first saw it when I was in a band and thought this was made for me. I even know by heart the lines from the film. We're never going to see a film as good as that again.''

The 52-year-old funnyman - who created the hit show 'The Office' - also says he was heavily influenced by 'The Godfather' when he first saw it too.

He added to People magazine: '''The Godfather' made me want to be powerful and respected. I wanted to go down to the pub and say, 'Turn this music down' and have them say, 'Sorry Don Gervaisy, of course.' ''