Ricky Gervais' controversial series 'Derek' has landed on Netflix.

The first of the seven-episode season of the British funnyman's TV show has just become available to US viewers via the on-demand Internet streamer.

Ricky - who made a name for himself in the comedy 'The Office' - wrote, directed and stars in the programme where he plays in a volunteer in a small British nursing home where aspects of disability and naivety are explored.

The New York Times newspaper slammed his performance which they found ''tiring'' and didn't live up to his great acting on previous shows.

They wrote: ''Why Mr. Gervais, so refreshingly nasty in the original 'Office,' felt the need to make this potty-mouthed Hallmark card of a show is anyone's guess ... In 'Derek,' his performance is meticulous but uninvolving and eventually tiring.''

Similarly slate.com weren't particularly engaged with the show and continued watching the programme in anticipation of more gripping moments.

They wrote: ''I kept expecting the unbearable moment I have to watch through my fingers to arrive. But it never did. A series about the lost and lonely people caring for the elderly and dying, Derek is melancholy, not mortifying. Gervais refuses to heap further indignities on his already beleaguered protagonists.''

The show which aired in the UK on Channel 4 earlier this year is described as ''a bittersweet comedy drama about a group of outsiders living on society's margins.''