British comedian Ricky Gervais has looked back on his years of success with his hit TV sitcom The Office and penned a personal retrospective as the U.S. version of the show enters its final season.
The funnyman and his writing partner Stephen Merchant launched the original U.K. programme in 2001, starring Gervais as the main character David Brent, and it became so popular, it was adapted for audiences around the world.
The American take on The Office, which starred Steve Carrell as the boss, has become the longest-running series of them all, but network executives at NBC recently announced that its upcoming ninth season would be its last and now Gervais has reflected on his memories and experiences on the shows for a blog on the Wall Street Journal website.
He writes, "With the U.S. remake of The Office drawing to a close after an incredible nine series and rumours of a Brent comeback, I thought I'd write a personal retrospective about my little creation...
"The Office, like many other sitcoms before it, finds humour in a dysfunctional family. The reason why we find this both funny and comforting is that we all belong to a dysfunctional family. If you don't, there's something wrong with you...
"Nbc's The Office is without doubt the most successful remake of a British sitcom for at least thirty years. I couldn't be prouder of its success but I was keen for it to come to an end as all good things should."
But that doesn't mean Gervais has killed off his popular characters for good. Joking about his other TV series, he adds, "Maybe I'll do an Extras remake next. As for Brent coming back? Who knows? (Haha. How annoying is that?)"