Ricky Gervais was once left stunned when an over-zealous fan snapped a 'selfie'-style photograph of the funnyman as he stood at a urinal in a restroom.

The Office creator went for a toilet break while attending a boxing match in New York City in 2008, but while he was relieving himself in a bathroom at the venue, a man approached and insisted on a quick snap.

Gervais tells British magazine Notebook, "I went to see a title fight with Joe Calzaghe at Madison Square Garden in New York. I went to the loo (bathroom) and this guy is like, 'Hey man, can I have a picture?' Arm straight around me, doing a selfie while I'm in the middle of a wee.

"I didn't even have (a) chance to say, 'Can we leave it a minute, mate?' There's a lot of testosterone at those things, you don't want to say no. All I could think was, 'How wide-angled was that lens? What did he get in?'"