Ricky Gervais has offered to host The Oscars.

The British comedian has offered his services in a "two for one deal" to present the star-studded event, which requires a presenter after Eddie Murphy stepped down from the role, as well as the Golden Globes.

When asked who he thinks should host the Oscars, he told Access Hollywood: "I'll do it. I'll do that as well. I'll be in town any way for the Globes.

"Exactly, two for one offer. I can knock off 20 per cent. Two for one deal. I'll just stay up there."

Ricky was warned he could never work in Hollywood again after his controversial comments when he hosted the Golden Globes last year - and he is yet to confirm he's hosting the event for a third time, but has previously admitted it would be "tempting".

He said: "They haven't asked me officially yet, and I don't know whether I'd say yes. It's very tempting.

"It's tempting [because] for three hours, I'm the most feared man in LA, so that's nice."