With Ricky Gervais limbering up to take pot shots at the Hollywood elite again at this weekend's Golden Globe Awards, the bookies have been eager to predict the consequences of what will be a third year of the comedian drawing the ire of the event's audience. In previous editions of the awards, Gervais has taken aim at the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson and Johnny Depp with his cutting wit, causing outrage and controversy in his wake, and this year bookies think he'll finally break their patience.
The UK's Metro newspaper is reporting that some bookies are giving odds of 5/1 for the comic to have a drink deliberately spilled over him during the event and even have odds as short as 10/1 that he'll be punched - something that would no doubt delight the television networks. Taking a different perspective, UK bookmaker Paddy Power seems keen to egg on the star, offering odds on which celebrity will be the first to suffer at the hands of his wrath. Frontrunner at the moment appears to be Katy Perry and Russell Brand following their split at the end of last year, with a price of 5/1 being offered, whilst, following Downey Jr's fury at being singled out last year, he's been offered at 6/1 for Gervais to have another pop at him.
Speaking on the Ellen Dengeneres Show this week, Gervais defended his previous years' hosting and insisted he wouldn't he pulling any punches this time round, saying "It wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers. These are the richest most privileged people in the world."