Ricky Gervais tries to be fun ''all the time''.

The 57-year-old comedian and actor has said he's in a good place and doesn't suffer with his mental health, because he thinks life is too short to not enjoy every minute.

He said: ''I think I'm pretty happy, [and] I try to be fun all the time. I'm not depressed ... I think from an early age I thought the point of life was to have fun every minute of the day ... To me, life is exciting, short, finite.''

And the 'Office' star says the key to his inner happiness is knowing he has ''worth'', and having a good self-esteem.

He added to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''You have to feel you have worth - it's one of the big ticks you need in order to be happy.''

Ricky can also attribute much of his happiness to his partner Jane Fallon, whom he has been dating since 1982, as he recently revealed he would ''fall apart'' without her.

He said: ''Jane went to Brighton once to visit her mum, and the boiler went and I didn't know how to do it, so I was on the couch under a blanket with the cat listening to internet radio for two nights, because I couldn't get the telly working and it was like, honestly, it was like 'Castaway'. And then when she went away, next time, she left me instructions. She drew a picture of the remotes and what they all did, and I still had to FaceTime her. So I would fall apart without her. I mean, emotionally first. I don't know how I'd cope with it. You don't know, do you?''

And although the pair are going strong, they don't feel the need to tie the knot or have children.

Ricky added: ''I don't think there's any point to us getting married. We don't want any more toasters and we never want our families to meet - that would be terrible ... There are loads of reasons why I don't have kids. The world is overpopulated; no one's sitting around going, 'Oh Rick's not going to have kids, we're going to run out.''