Ricky Gervais is in agony with tendinitis after injuring himself at his home gym.

The 52-year-old comedian has been prescribed painkilling

for a strained tendon and rotator cuff injury which he got by lifting weights incorrectly and the two ailments are ''killing him''.

Speaking on UK station BBC Radio 2, he revealed: ''I was doing squats with a barbell behind the neck which is wrong kids. It's agony.

''I wasn't showing off, it was just me there ... though there was a mirror and I did look good.''

Ricky, 52, will have to take a break from the gym so his injuries can heal but he will be keeping busy as he is currently writing the second series of his Channel 4 comedy TV show 'Derek', a comedy drama about a socially awkward care worker in an old people's home.

Ricky - who has just wrapped 'Muppets Most Wanted' - said: ''I'm writing the second series of 'Derek' and that's what I love most of all. We've stopped 'An Idiot Abroad', I've stopped the 'Ricky Gervais Show' just to concentrate on 'Derek', and I'm writing that now and that will be out next year.''