The 55-year-old comedian is no stranger to hitting headlines with his close to the mark comments, and divided opinion with his style of humour when he hosted the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year (16).

But as he advances in years, Ricky cares less about what people think of him, and has adopted the approach of wanting to say everything he needs to before his life comes to an end.

"I think I’ve reached that age - I’ve got old people’s rights. I can say what I want now. I don’t care any more. I just want to say everything before I die," he laughed during an interview on U.K. TV show This Morning on Monday (12Dec16).

"When I was growing up my mum was probably the age I am now and I’d go home and she’d say things like, ‘Rick, you aren’t half getting fat’. It was that real honesty. When I was 13 I asked her why my brothers and sisters were so much older than me - she went, ‘You were a mistake’. So I’ve got to the point where I just want to say what’s on my mind. It’s lovely and freeing!"

Ricky will be taking his comedy on the road with his Humanity tour next year - his first stand-up comedy venture in seven years. The tour will start in the U.K. before travelling to America, and The Office creator is hopeful people will be amused by his anecdotes.

"It's funny because I’m whinging about the world from the most privileged position," he explained. "So it’s about how spoilt I am, how spoilt I’ve become from my humble beginnings to demanding champagne on private planes. It’s the funny side of me being... (rich)."

The bearded actor also revealed his Humanity tour will explore how his outlook on life has changed as he has got older.

"I’ve always been cantankerous but now it’s like I’m entitled to it. I wake up in the morning and I ache, so I’m allowed to be cantankerous," he giggled.