The Republican candidate is vying for the U.S. presidency and has gone from being a worldwide joke to a serious contender, despite his many, many controversial comments. While some people disagree with his views, Ricky is of the opinion that Trump is a natural comedian, even if he doesn't really know it.

"I can’t get enough of him," Ricky admitted during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (26Apr16). "I started off thinking it was quite funny and then it got a bit serious and now I don’t know whether I want him to get in just for the fun of it or not. I can say that, I don’t live here, so sorry about that!

"I love him and I just want to see a channel of him 24/7 just talking because it’s amazing. I love it. He doesn’t mean to be funny - that’s the beauty of it though."

At this stage, Trump has a good chance of taking over from current president Barack Obama, judging by the support he's received. But Ricky thinks that even if he doesn't make it to the White House, he should be told he did get in - to make a reality series similar to 1998 movie The Truman Show.

"I think, what if we just told him he got in," Ricky added. "So he gets up every day and does a little address and we go, ‘Yeah that’s brilliant, Hi president’, and they’re all extras, and he just never knows that he was never President. And we were filming it and watching it."

As well as his movie and comedy careers, Ricky is a prolific presence on Twitter. But he admits he is often stunned by what people have the courage to say to him on the social media site.

"People say things on Twitter that they would never say to you on the street," he said. "Everyone’s lovely in real life but (on Twitter) there’s that barrier. It’s like they think they’re virtual, they think they’re not real and they say things to you that are shocking."