Ricky Gervais has got the Hollywood A-listers quaking in their boots again after opening up about his return to hosting the 2012 Golden Globes. It will be the third time the British funny man has hosted the awards, and the announcement has been heard with baited breath by an acting crowd still licking their wounds from this year when Gervais used the stage to take pot shots at - among others - Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr, Charlie Sheen and even then-Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk.
Reuters reports that Gervais aims to turn the offence levels up yet further for his forthcoming appearance, and also said his return was to answer critics who said that he'd never be invited back again. "What actually tipped the balance and made me say yes, was the fact that it would shut up all those f*cking idiots who said that I'd never be invited back" elaborated the comic, "Is that the wrong reason to do something? Ha ha. I think it is."
Gervais promised to inflict further verbal hurt on the audience, by saying "The outrage I caused was of course, as usual, totally out of proportion to the things I said. I don't think anyone had any right to be offended but they were," Gervais opined. "This year I'm going to make sure their offense is completely justified".