Ricky Gervais doesn't think he'd be trusted enough to host the Oscars.

The 57-year-old comic - who fronted the Golden Globes in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016 - would only present the Academy Awards on his own ''terms'', which would mean he'd happily say ''terrible things'' about the star-studded audience and landing such a high-profile gig is likely to make him ''more honest and braver'' than play it safe.

Asked if he's ever been asked to host the ceremony, he said: ''I don't think they ever would. Not on my terms anyway, and I don't think they'd trust me, because I've said many times I would do it, but I would say what I want.

''I would do the same as I did at the Golden Globes and there's no way the Oscars would allow that. They know I'd say that.

''Would I do it and be lovely like Billy Crystal? Not in a million years. Would I lie to them to get on there and say terrible things? No, I'd be honest, I'd say, I'm gonna say terrible things.

''Might I change and become all mellow and say nice things? Um, maybe. I doubt it though. I want to get more honest and braver if anything.''

Ricky has been in a relationship with novelist Jane Fallon for 37 years and thinks the key to their long-lasting romance is mutual respect and enjoying one another's company.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It's respect, lots of things in common, enjoying each other's company more than anyone else's in the world, knowing how lucky you are.''

And the 'After Life' star insisted they lead a very quiet life together and only break their routine if a ''really big thing'' comes along.

He said: ''I get home, work out, have a bath, downstairs, six o'clock, pop, cooking, drinking, Scandi noir box sets, that's it. There has to be a really big thing to compete with that.''