Ricky Gervais, the 49-year-old British actor and comedian, has defended his hosting of Sunday evening's GOLDEN GLOBES (16th January 2010) despite being heavily criticised for mocking numerous Hollywood A-listers. Writing on his personal blog, Gervais also denied speculation that he was told to tone his routine down by organisers mid-way through the ceremony.
The comedian wrote, "Obviously the rumour that the organisers stopped me going out on stage for an hour is rubbish", before adding, "I enjoyed the Globes more this year. I think I had better gags. More along the lines of the Mel Gibson one last year". The comedian also dispelled the rumour that actors such as Tom Hanks were furious with his hosting, saying, "All the same conspiracy theories as last year too ... so and so was offended ...hasn't been invited back yet ... exactly the same as last time. 'Paul MCCartney was furious' ... no he wasn't. And nor was Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. I was drinking with them after".
Gervais took swipes at the likes of Johnny Depp, Hugh Hefner and Charlie Sheen during his opening segments and despite hostile looks from several A-listers in the audience, various stars urged him to take it further. Speaking after receiving his award for 'Best Supporting Actor', Christian Bale said of Gervais, "It's what he's gonna do. He's fantastic. The guy's a genius. I hope he's gonna keep going further. Everything is up for a joke".