Ricky Gervais always plays "little fat blokes" so he doesn't have to diet.

The British comic - who rose to fame after starring as overweight manager David Brent in TV sitcom 'The Office' - always caters his scripts to allow him to play chubby characters because "handsome and cool" men aren't entertaining.

When asked if he would lose weight for a role, he answered: "No, because I write my own stuff, so I always write parts for little fat blokes. And even if I got thin, I'd still write roles for little fat blokes and wear padding!

"As a comedian, you've got to be aware of your inadequacies. It's not funny to be handsome and cool."

The 48-year-old star has also denied losing weight, and has put his apparently slim-line appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards down to wearing a good suit.

He added: "I've only lost about five pounds. I think it was because the suit I was wearing looked good. I've never dieted. I've started exercising every day so I can eat too much cheese and drink too much wine. I couldn't lose three stone unless I stopped eating!"