LATEST: Ricky Gervais' fortune was rescued by a fan of his TV hit THE OFFICE - who called police when he suspected five people planned to buy gold bars with $372,000 (GBP196,000) stolen from British funnyman's bank account.

Wood Green Crown Court, London, heard how bullion dealer ANTHONY BAIRD called police after someone claiming to be the GOLDEN GLOBE-winner placed a large order with his company.

Prosecutor JOHN DODD says bank clerk SHARONJEET SNOBER transferred Gervais money to bullion firm BAIRD AND COMPANY - but the company's owner, Baird ensured officers were waiting when two couriers attempted to collect the gold.

But the five defendants - KENNETH SPEIGHT, SHARONJEET SNOBBER, MUSHTAQ JAVED, CRAIG REEVES and HARRY PEACH - deny three counts of conspiracy to defraud between February and April 2004.

02/03/2005 17:56