British actor Ricky Gervais is starting to show doubt in the quality of the American remake of his acclaimed show The Office, by declaring it has "synthetic" qualities.

The original show was well received by audiences and critics alike, and scooped two Golden Globe Awards earlier this year (JAN04). But a number of fans have been horrified to learn that a US version of the comedy is currently in the works.

Despite their concerns, Gervais has constantly defended the remake, assuring it's of good quality, but now his diplomatic exterior appears to be cracking.

He tells MAXIM magazine, "I'm not a fan of remakes, and I think there's no point to them artistically - which is why I'm not involved in the remake (of The Office) artistically.

"It's like if David Bowie lets someone cover his song, he doesn't show up at the studio going, 'I wouldn't do it like that, mate.'

"But I think they've done a good job... There's just something... you know in the movie The Fly when he sends the steak through the machine and it comes out looking perfect, but they say it tastes synthetic? It's like that. Remakes don't feel the same on your tongue."

22/09/2004 02:15