British funnyman Ricky Gervais will disappear from TV screens after his forthcoming sitcom EXTRAS to do more voiceover work instead.

THE OFFICE star wants to move behind the cameras and focus on his new children's TV show FLANIMALS, a cartoon about unfortunate creatures which will be voiced by the Golden Globe winner.

And he's looking forward to the transition, because he can stop worrying about his appearance.

He explains, "It'll be a great move for me. You don't have to watch your figure and you can look crud. They'll hire you whatever.

"I'll voice Flanimals as I'm the only person who can pronounce some of the words. I'm probably the only person who'd want to.

"I'll write and direct it, too. I'll more or less make the programme myself and then hand it to the broadcaster."

20/07/2005 02:46