British funnyman Ricky Gervais has hit out at his country's TV comedies and dramas, insisting they are lacklustre and tired. The outspoken The Office creator is underwhelmed by UK television and believes it is created by a small group of conservative writers who look across the Atlantic for inspiration. He says, "It's different in America. They're ambitious, they're good, they're funny. They do stand-up, and by the time they're 31 they've got their own sitcom because they're good. "You don't see many 40-year-old hack writers in America. They get fired if they're no good. It's like natural selection." Of US dramas, Gervais adds, "The Sopranos, 24, CSI, The Wire, bang! We've got nothing like that. Nothing! It's such a big gap. "Comparing our celebrities to America is like comparing Blackpool to Las Vegas. It's division two."