LATEST: Ricky Gervais has rubbished claims he attacked The Office co-star Mackenzie Crook's Hollywood career in a magazine interview - insisting he was misunderstood.

In this week's (7NOV05) edition of British magazine Star the comedian reveals he has no plans to move to the US to try and make it as a movie actor.

He said, "I dipped my toe in Hollywood, but I got out in time. I'm not one of those desperate people who goes there for months to try and make it. And I don't want to be a movie star and spend three months in a trailer just to pop up as a pirate in some film."

But Gervais is horrified at the suggestion he is criticising Crook, who appeared in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

And he reveals he desperately called Crook after reading the story - to explain.

He says, "I was referring to a role I was offered in Pirates Of The Caribbean.

"I think Mackenzie is an amazing actor and he's doing brilliantly. He's doing far better in Hollywood than I would.

"It's really upsetting having to call him to explain everything."