Comedian Ricky Gervais has unleashed a bitter tirade against the British media - accusing U.K. journalists of putting a negative spin on his recent Golden Globe Awards antics because they are "jealous" of his successful career.
The Office star provoked a storm of controversy at Sunday's (11Jan09) prizegiving ceremony in Los Angeles by telling a risque joke about the Holocaust while presenting fellow Brit, Kate Winslet, with an award for her performance in World War II movie The Reader.
Gervais told the crowd, "Well done Winslet. I told you, do a Holocaust movie and the awards come, didn't I? Trouble is with Holocaust films is there's never any gag reel on the DVDs."
The funnyman's comments sparked outrage amongst the U.K. press, but Gervais has criticised the negative commentary about his gaff.
He writes on his official website, "The joke about Kate Winslet may have got the biggest laugh of the night. Everyone who spoke to me said so anyway. All the U.S. press said it was funny including Jewish magazine Heeb. TV Guide made it one of their top moments. New York Daily News said it was 'Hilarious.' The Boston Globe said "British comic Ricky Gervais proved once again to be the highlight of an awards show."
"So why did a couple of English papers say it went down badly? Because they're jealous lying c***s who's (sic) lives haven't turned out like they planned and want everyone to be as unhappy as they are."