Ricky Gervais is desperate to join London's Live 8 line-up, and has even developed a poverty-inspired comedy routine just in case he's asked to take part.

The British funnyman, who hasn't yet received a call from organiser SIR Bob Geldof, admits his jokes about the sensitive issue of the struggling Third World may be seen as inappropriate.

But Gervais is still keen to impress the huge crowd with his irreverent humour.

He says, "If I was asked, I'd love to do it. You can't say no to that. But I would have to do my own brand of comedy.

"I'd go out and say, 'It's good to do a concert for the poor. And by the look of you lot, most of you are homeless as well.

"I'd add, 'It's fantastic that today is all free. But then usually when Bob Geldof and (screenwriter and director) Richard Curtis get together they make millions and give it away.

"In fact, the Africans haven't paid us back for the last lot yet!"

27/06/2005 08:50