British funnyman Ricky Gervais was left red-faced at a recent Oasis gig - when the 500-strong crowd began chanting "Ricky, you fat b**tard".

The WONDERWALL rockers' fans spotted THE OFFICE star in the VIP area of their London gig, and thrilled the comic by shouting his name in unison.

But the flattery soon turned to abuse when the audience started making references to the comic's portly physique.

He says, "There was an incident at an Oasis gig recently. Me and (Gervais' girlfriend) JANE went with (TV presenter) Jonathan Ross.

"And they put us in this VIP area on the balcony, and someone turned around and saw me, and soon about 500 people were chanting, 'Ricky, Ricky' I thought it was quite funny. A bit embarrassing.

"But then somehow, within minutes, it changed into, 'Ricky, Ricky. You fat b**tard. You fat b**tard.'

"I was like, 'How did that happen? How did they all suddenly know to chant that altogether?' And they came in on the beat perfectly."

20/07/2005 01:54