British funnyman Ricky Gervais has refused to lose weight because his fuller frame has helped him become a successful comedian.
The 47-year-old star admits his figure has changed dramatically since his youth but has assured his fans his love for food won't wane - because his bulging belly keeps them laughing.
He says, "I think that getting fat was my fortune, really... I said funny things, but I was too unfeasibly handsome (in my youth).
"They'd go, 'I want to laugh, but I feel funny all over.' Whereas, as I started eating, they started laughing."
And Gervais admits he has no problem with the media giving added attention to his expanding waistline, musing: "I was jogging once, wearing my iPod, looking good. Paparazzi got me. Full page in the paper with the headline: iPudge."