Ricky Gervais has admitted he is flattered to be considered as a potential Oscars host but nervous about the restrictions of the role.

The Office star has been approached about hosting the 2009 ceremony, though he is one of many names being considered.

However, the 47-year-old explained that he would be fearful of taking the job due to the constraints of the globally-broadcast ceremony.

"I don't think I'd get the freedom I needed," he told the BBC.

"If it was a fun night and they said you could ad-lib, I'd do it because I really enjoy that."

Questioned over the likelihood of him taking the job if offered, the Golden Globe-winner answered: "Probably not, or maybe I would, but I'd be scared that it would be arbitrary."

Gervais was speaking while promoting his new film Ghost Town, his first leading man role in a Hollywood film.

And the comedian and actor admitted he had been swayed by his principles concerning job opportunities in the past, saying: "The reason I turn down films is because they're arbitrary or I thought I couldn't have enough sway or power."

He explained that legendary US stand-up and sitcom star Jerry Seinfeld had turned down the Oscars hosting job, taken by the likes of Ellen Degeneres and Jon Stewart in recent years.

"No-one's there to hear jokes, they're there to see if they've won an Oscar," Gervais added.

"I still want to be invited. I want the invite to turn it [the job] down."

Ghost Town is released on October 24th.

17/10/2008 09:32:54