British comedian Ricky Gervais regrets allowing the cast and crew of hit series The Office to take home memorabilia when the show wrapped - because they "looted" the set.

The Golden Globe winner brought the popular show to an end last year (03) after a successful two-year run, but now admits there's hardly anything left of the original set.

He says, "We had a sort of wrap party. As a gesture, just to show that it was the last one, I said, 'Okay, everyone on the set, take something as a memento.' And I meant like some stationary or something.

"Honestly, it was like looting! You know a cartoon when someone falls into a piranha pit? It was just gone! I was just left there with pants on. People were taking heaters, fans, chairs, it's just ridiculous. They're probably selling them!"

29/03/2004 11:18