British comedian Ricky Gervais hates newspapers using his photograph to accompany negative articles about randy bosses, office hours or employment surveys.

Despite discouraging publicity, THE OFFICE star insists his image still makes the daily papers because his character David Brent has come to symbolise everything wrong with working in Britain.

Gervais says, "Over the last two years I've only done about ten interviews, but there's hardly been a day when I haven't been in the papers. They just use me to illustrate polls and surveys and other, totally unrelated stories.

"My favourite one was a news item about a serious sexual harassment trial with the headline 'My Boss Groped Me'. And they used a picture of me with it. I thought, 'Don't put a photo of me with that - use one of the b**tard who's up in court.'"

01/07/2005 07:40