Comedian Ricky Gervais has downplayed the financial success he's achieved since his hit TV show The Office launched to fame, insisting money has never motivated him.

The star and writer of the hugely successful BBC sitcom rates writing, casting and editing as the most rewarding aspects of his job, closely followed by the "buzz" he experiences when his celebrity heroes praise his show.

And Gervais, 43, also finds the media interest in him embarrassing, because fame was never his life ambition.

He tells British magazine MAXIM, "I never fantasised about being famous. I love the work: I enjoy the writing, casting, editing - I even like worrying about the font on the back of the DVD.

"The awards, which are an amazing affirmation, come second. The money is third. The last is fame. But the only good thing about fame is that (THE SIMPSONS creator) Matt Groening knows who I am and calls me up. All my heroes like my show. That's the biggest buzz."

01/03/2005 09:32