Night at the Museum 2 star Ricky Gervais says radio producer and unlikely comedy star Karl Pilkington would be nonplussed by the upcoming sequel.

Gervais reprises his role as museum manager Dr McPhee in the 20th Century Fox blockbuster and again sees his plans for a smooth working environment disrupted by museum exhibits coming to life.

Asked if Pilkington - his XFM producer and star of the Ricky Gervais Show podcast - would be confused by the prospect of a museum coming alive, Gervais replied: "He'd just say: 'Bit weird, innit?'"

The Extras actor added: "We did an audio book recently about the English for St George's Day and Karl was annoyed that St George is a saint, because he said if he was around today and killed a dragon, he'd have PETA onto him, everybody would be saying: 'Why'd you kill that one?'

"I said: 'The dragon was metaphorical, Karl.' And replied: 'What, you don't believe in dragons but you believe in dinosaurs?' Yes, because of fossil evidence!

"So the museum exhibits coming to life wouldn't faze him."

Night at the Museum 2 is released on May 20th.

20/05/2009 00:01:01