British funnyman Ricky Gervais is taking his chances on Christmas presents this year (06) - he's buying his relatives GBP1,000 ($1,950) worth of lottery scratch cards. The Office star spent GBP10 ($19.5) on cards for family members in the past, with mixed results, but now his career has taken off he can afford to splash out on higher amounts. He says, "A few years ago, when things weren't going as well for me, I got the same gift for all 25 of my relatives - GBP10 worth of scratch cards. Some won, some lost. "A 10-year-old girl didn't win anything and I had to tell her that was the luck of the draw. But a 12-year-old niece won 20 quid and she went down the shops and bought 20 more. So she was hooked."