British funnyman Ricky Gervais has refused to write a second series of his forthcoming comedy show EXTRAS unless the BBC changes which channel it is screened on.

The corporation had wanted to air THE OFFICE star's new show in September (05) on BBC1, as the highlight of its autumn broadcasting.

But Gervais is insisting the show - which features cameo appearances from Hollywood stars Samuel L Jackson, Ben Stiller and KATE WINSLET - is aired on the lower-profile BBC2, to prevent it instantly becoming a mainstream hit.

And the comedian has threatened to postpone a second series if he does not get his way.

He says, "The mainstream really scares me. All my favourite things have started off as intimate.

"If something get big, fine.

"It is the things that are made to be populist that disappoint and disgust me.

"By showing on BBC2 we have halved our audience already.

"We want people to choose it, not just turn it on."

11/07/2005 05:24