British comedian Ricky Gervais is leading the search for a puppy which was stolen in London.
The kind-hearted funnyman was outraged when he heard the story of Manon, an eight-month-old whippet, taken from her owner during a walk on Hampstead Heath last month (Jun08).
And Gervais, who lives near the north London park, has joined the campaign to help find the pup - by appealing for information on British radio and offering a $2,000 (GBP1,000) reward.
He said in the on-air appeal, "This lovely little whippet puppy was stolen from Hampstead Heath. It's a little eight-month-old whippet puppy. It's fawn and it's got little tiger stripes and grey eyes.
"They know it's stolen because its collar was discarded. It's beautiful and the reason we've got to do a national appeal is that these dogs aren't usually found in the local area.
"The people who steal them then take them to Southampton or Kent and sell them.
"There's a clock ticking because it's on a special diet under veterinary supervision so they won't be feeding it right, because they won't know it needs this diet."
And The Office star admits that it isn't the first time he has lent a hand to help his local community.
He adds, "I am known as the dog finder - I've done this once before."