British funnyman Ricky Gervais has been hailed for his comedy writing, with hit show EXTRAS earning a BAFTA Craft Awards nomination. The comic genius joins colleague Stephen Merchant on the shortlist, and will compete against ANDREW DAVIES - who adapted the CHARLES DICKENS classic BLEAK HOUSE, starring Gillian Anderson. Historical epic ROME - a collaboration between the BBC and US network HBO - has three nods. The BAFTA Craft Awards will take place on 19 May (06) at The Dorchester hotel in London, two weeks after the main 2006 BAFTA TV Awards - Britain's answer to the Emmys. Gervais recently hit out at his country's TV comedies and dramas, insisting they are lacklustre and tired. The outspoken The Office creator revealed he was under whelmed by UK television and its small group of conservative writers, and looks across the Atlantic for inspiration.