Ricky Gervais has confirmed he is slated to present the 2009 Academy Awards - after Oscars bosses denied he had been approached.
The Office star was rumoured to be in the frame for the prestigious job, but awards ceremony chiefs insisted last month (Sep08) that there had been "no reaching out" for a presenter.
Gervais has now confirmed he is on a list of potential hosts for the annual ceremony, to be held in February (09) - but doubts he will be chosen.
He says, "It is true, but the Oscars people are just compiling a list of folk - I could be millionth on the list.
"I did hear there was a rumour going around and my agent actually got a couple of calls about it so he checked it out. Apparently I'm on a list but I'm not sure what list exactly. I hope it's not a sex offenders register!"