Funnyman Ricky Gervais showed his caring side recently, by volunteering at a British charity shop.
The Office star made a secret visit to an Oxfam store in Oxford, England last month (Oct09), after allowing his special range of Flanimal gifts - based on the characters in his book line - to be sold in the organisation's Unwrapped gift catalogue.
And Gervais is delighted his toys are helping the underprivileged.
He says, “Everyone thought Flanimals were useless - I did. But this year they’re helping Oxfam change the world. So thank you for helping these little guys make a difference.
“There are five Flanimal gifts to choose from and the money goes to different things. It might improve sanitation - give someone clean water. It might give people a voice if they’re oppressed. It might help general humanitarian work… or it might go towards the prevention of HIV and AIDS. So for a few quid your auntie gets a present - everyone’s happy. Go on. Buy something for someone.”