British funnyman Ricky Gervais doubts he will be handed the job of hosting the upcoming Oscars - because he is too controversial.
The Office star is rumoured to be in the running for the prestigious role of MC at the Academy Awards ceremony in February (09).
But Gervais is convinced that Oscars bosses will end up giving the coveted position to a less headstrong star.
He says, "I don't think it will happen. Americans do get my humour but in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, 'The Oscars isn't about comedy, it's about a bunch of people turning up to see if they get an award.'
"It is a huge deal and it's very flattering to be considered but I'm not sure I would be right. It's a historic, stuffy thing and I'd want to have fun with it and I don't think they'd want me to do that. I wouldn't be allowed to do what I wanted and it would be me reading an autocue. I don't need to do these things. I don't want to up my profile."