Ricky Gervais and his bank manager certainly will be "'aving a laugh" after the rotund funnyman's latest tour, FAME, sold out many of its dates within minutes of going on sale this morning.

Fans of THE OFFICE writer and actor have been waiting two years for his next stand-up tour, with many speculating over its theme ever since he performed ANIMALS and then POLITICS in 2004.

But GERVAIS has certainly been keeping himself busy ever since, dipping his comedic talents into children's books with FLANIMALS, heading back to his native radio with sidekicks STEVE MERCHANT and the round-headed KARL PILKINGTON, and concentrating on his new sitcom, EXTRAS.

And across the water, the US version of THE OFFICE has also been a success, with the GERVAIS-produced show listed in the American Film Institute's top ten programmes of 2006.

But GERVAIS is now turning his attentions to a rare  when compared to THE OFFICE  third series of EXTRAS, which promises more from the top drawer of A-list celebrity cameos.

The DAVID BRENT actor told the Daily Mirror that there was more to come from the concept, despite hinting that two series were enough.

And the stars GERVAIS reportedly has lining up for a role include some big hitters in Tinsel Town  namely ARNOLD SCHWARZNEGGER, Die Hard actor Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and Dick Van Dyke.

We can, however, only hope that the cameo for the once all-singing, all-dancing VAN DYKE has nothing to do with cockney accents.

12/12/2006 15:09:17