British comic Ricky Gervais has no problems with any negative reviews his career garners - and insists if work dries up he'll enjoy the quiet life.
The star has enjoyed a hugely successful run since writing his debut British TV comedy The Office for the BBC, selling the concept to America and landing a series of roles in Hollywood blockbusters.
Although Gervais admits he used to worry about the public turning on him, he is now happy for people to critique his work - as it's all part of the Tinseltown process.
He says, "I used to fear the backlash. Then I realised that everyone has got to get together and sign a petition for a backlash. I won't stop until I get bored, or until no one's buying tickets or watching me. I've no problem with critics. For an artist to whinge about critics is like a sailor moaning about some s**tty waves."
And he is convinced he would still love life if his fans turn their back on him - joking that he'd spend his time saving ailing cats.
He says, "If it all goes really bad and no one wants me to direct a film or I can't get a thing on the BBC or whatever, I'll go for walks, go swimming and help injured blind kittens."