Funnyman Ricky Gervais was so afraid Robert De Niro would reject his offer to guest star on his comedy show EXTRAS, he almost didn't ask. Gervais was filming fantasy movie Stardust with De Niro when he decided to approach the Hollywood star - but constant interruptions by the film crew left the Brit feeling increasingly nervous. He says, "I told (Extras collaborator) Stephen Merchant, 'We've got to get De Niro!' But first rehearsal, I didn't ask him. Next day we're getting on well, I'm making him laugh, ad libbing. It's great, (we were like) best friends. Bob De Niro! He's laughing at my jokes. "Seven hours, last scene... I say, 'I do this thing called Extras and...' The director Matthew Vaughn knew I was going to ask and he has a laugh and says, 'OK, let's turn around!' "Finally I ask and he says he's really busy, but he'll call... Two days later he calls and says, 'Hi, it's Bob. We did that thing together.' And I went, 'I thought I told you to never f**king call me!' And he laughed!"