British comedian Ricky Gervais wants Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and veteran rocker Bruce Springsteen to make cameo appearances in the second series of his new UK TV show EXTRAS.

THE OFFICE star Gervais has already persuaded A-listers including SAMUEL L JACKSON, Ben Stiller and Kate Winslet to star in the show's first season, which premieres on British television next week (21JUL05).

And now celebrities are queuing up for cameo roles in Extras - Madonna recently successfully pleaded with Gervais to let her appear.

But Gervais is determined to enlist the talents of Jaws director Spielberg and BORN IN THE USA star Springsteen.

He says, "As you can see, we're setting our sights very high."

Gervais' Extras co-writer Stephen Merchant adds, "Someone like Steven Spielberg would be amazing - you'd see the man behind the myth, or rather we'd play with him.

"And Bruce Springsteen would be good."

14/07/2005 02:55