Ricky Gervais has jokingly asked the U.K.'s Prime Minister David Cameron to help promote his new DVD to balance out his massive tax bill.
The funnyman has made a fortune through the syndication of his hit TV shows The Office and Extras, and is forced to pay a huge amount in income tax in his native U.K. - where workers who earn more than $250,000 (£150,000) have to hand over 50 per cent of their income.
Gervais is hoping to recoup some of his lost cash, and he's asked the British leader to encourage the public to buy his comedy DVDs - so he will have to pay even more tax.
In a post on his blog, he writes, "Dear David, I understand that I have no say in where my tax money goes. That's fine. I'm sure you see the bigger picture, and can distribute my hard earned cash in the best way possible.
"You will give it to emergency services, defence, education and National Health. I am not only very patriotic, but am also all in favour of helping people less fortunate than me.
"Would it be possible to let those people know that it was my money that helped them so they might buy one of my DVDs? I think that's fair. I'm forking out millions."