A prostate cancer advertisement starring British funnyman Ricky Gervais has been banned from radio waves before the 9pm watershed for being too offensive.

A 'squish' noise has also been removed from the ad - but the draconian measures have angered charity bosses and THE OFFICE star, who slammed the decision as preposterous.

Gervais, who plays a doctor inserting a finger inside a man's rectum to check for cancer, says, "It's pathetic. One of the reasons that people die of cancer is that they don't get themselves checked. One of the reasons they don't get checked is embarrassment over the issue.

"The radio authority has actually enhanced this as a taboo."

JOHN NEATE, chief executive of the Prostate Cancer Charity, adds: "We do not believe this advert is offensive. If men's health promotion is for night time only and not in front of the children, then we are putting it in the same league as adult entertainment and top shelf literature. This decision is a disgrace."