Despite winning numerous awards and scientists proclaiming that he has the ultimate comedy face, Ricky Gervais believes his talents are far outshone by Borat.

Sacha Baron Cohen's faux Kazakh reporter is currently both shocking and entertaining cinemagoers across the world with humour that Gervais believes he can't compete with.

"It's easy to make people laugh. However Sacha is just a different class," Gervais told the Sun in an interview.

"His work is on an entirely different level to anyone else. It's nearly a performance art. It's proper satire which is very rare. He's exposing prejudice there and of course it is very funny."

Bashful Gervais also found time to praise fellow British comedian Jonathan Ross.

Although 'Wossy' has come under fire for his £18 million payday with the BBC, Gervais believes that he is more than worth the money.

"People can choose to either tune in or not. If he's no good people won't watch him," he said.

"£18 million is the whole deal over three years including production costs. He's value for money because he's so funny."

But for those who can't get enough of Gervais' talents, he'll be appearing in cinemas soon alongside Ben Stiller and Robin Williams in Night at the Museum.

19/12/2006 17:06:34