Ricky Gervais has moved to crush ongoing rumours he's planning to replace Steve Carell in the U.S. version of The Office - insisting he already earns "millions" from the show.
Speculation continues to mount that the creator of the original British version of the sitcom is lined up to step into Carell's shoes when he leaves at the end of the current season.
But Gervais is adamant the rumours are untrue - and insists he has no need to return to the show because he makes a fortune from his worldwide syndication rights.
The funnyman writes on his blog, "I'm not taking over from Steve Carell and will just continue to make millions for doing f**k all because I created the show and all the characters, and own the format and it's being syndicated now and I get paid every time any episode of any version is played anywhere in the world... and I don't want to go back to that and get up at 6am every day of the week for 7 years."