Animal-loving funnyman Ricky Gervais is disgusted by fox-hunting, claiming the blood sport is carried out by "inbreds". Hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales in February 2005, but the activity is still carried out illegally by hunting groups who claim they have found loopholes in the law. EXTRAS star Gervais is disgusted the sport still goes on in his country, and is also incensed by bullfighting in Spain. He says, "I can't stand blood sports or any cruelty to animals. I've never understood why anybody would get off on seeing a bull speared. I wanted to batter those people with a f**king spade. "I don't understand why loads of inbreds get the f**king horn when they see a fox cowering in fear. And all this s**t claiming it's a cull because foxes are a pest - if so, shoot them, cleanly and humanely. "The hunters wouldn't get off on it if it was a robot fox, so I know I'm right on that. "(Bullfighting) is disgraceful, like any culture that exploits children or women. I just think, 'F**k that.'"