British comedian Ricky Gervais has a problem with one of the Golden GlobeS he scooped earlier this year (04) - it's crooked.

Cult comedy The Office, which Gervais created and starred in, walked away from the Hollywood awards ceremony with two trophies, but while the funnyman is happy with his haul, he strongly believes one of the trophies wasn't constructed properly.

Gervais says, "They're by far the two most impressive things I've won. But one's crooked.

"The globe is supposed to face a certain way, and it's off-centre. Bad workmanship."

But Gervais does admit that even his crooked award could have a good use one day in the future.

He adds, "I'm waiting for a burglar to break in, so I can hit him with one. The headlines would be, 'Gervais Bashes man with (Trophy) for Best Comedy Performance.'"

12/11/2004 02:53