Ricky Gervais has been continuing promotional trail ahead of the 'Golden Globes' ceremony where he'll be hosting the awards for the third time in a row, amidst much tension from Hollywood actors and celebrities alike. Gervais has become something of a phenomenon or a nuisance depending on which way you look at it, repeatedly taking aim at those in attendance in his typically dry manner. However, the comedian told The Sllen Degeneres Show this week that he was genuinely surprised at the furore he caused after last year's bash - which saw him making fun of celebrities including Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson among others.
"I knew what I was doing. It's the same as stand up. I know where the gasps are going to come. I know when the laughs are going to come. I knew all that.I didn't think the press would.I mean you usually have to kill someone to get that many columnists. They were still talking about it so I was shocked at the reaction. Yeah, yeah, I was."
As in previous interviews in recent weeks though Gervais was adamant that he'd done nothing wrong, stating that "People say, 'Is there anything you shouldn't joke about?' I don't think there is. I just think it depends what the joke is. Comedy comes from either a good or a bad place and I was just teasing them, you know. It wasn't a room full of wounded soldiers. These are the richest most privileged people in the world." Irish bookmakers Paddy Power is offering odds on which celebrity Gervais will skewer first - with Russell Brand and Katy Perry coming it at 5/1 favorites. Madonna has been installed second favorite at 11/2, with Lindsay Lohan out at 20/1.